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Single force for all logistics needs — by Adarsh Hegde, Joint MD The Indian logistics sector is in one of its most upbeat phases. Regulatory developments and global attention has brought the sector into the focus of the international fraternity. As the leader in this sector, Allcargo is committed to contributing to the growth of the logistics industry in India

From an economic perspective, we are aware that the cost of logistics needs to be brought down to support the high growth rate that the nation needs. Lower transportation and logistics costs will help improve India’s ranking in the ease-of-doing business index. This will help attract investors and talent and go a long way in ensuring a sustainable future for the logistics sector.

We at Allcargo have strategically expanded our portfolio and established ourselves as an end-to-end integrated logistics solutions provider. Power of One is our media campaign that aims at reiterating Allcargo as one single force for all your logistics needs. Whether the cargo is an over-sized 400 tonnes piece of heavy equipment or hazardous chemicals or fast-moving e-commerce goods, we know how to manage it and move it safely, securely and speedily, anywhere around the globe.

Statistics show that companies can significantly reduce their logistics costs by outsourcing their logistics operations to experts like us. By entrusting the entire logistics requirements to a single partner, customers can be assured of efficiency and ease, and reduce organisational investment in time and effort. Our customers are happy with our deep understanding of the thousands of small details that go into efficient storage and movement of cargo. We make it unnecessary for our customers to worry about minutiae such as space crunch at ports, regulatory delays, inadequate storage space, etc. Our integrated end-to-end services help mitigate time delays and cost overruns. Through automation and optimising manual processes, we are able to deliver greater customer satisfaction.

This is the Power of One that Allcargo delivers. Through a series of communications, we are reaching out to a wide base of prospective customers and explaining our verticals in detail. The campaign aims to demonstrate Allcargo’s expertise in integrated logistics services, no matter what the cargo.

Our expertise has grown from our continual commitment to meet customer needs. Allcargo started as equipment providers back in the 90s. In 25 years, we have grown to be the largest integrated logistics service provider in India and one of the leaders in global NVOCC services. Our chain of container freight stations, warehousing spaces, projects and engineering expertise, global network of offices and other services were created, not by chance but by clear choice. Our leadership had the ability to foresee the future and plan for what our customers would need.

Over the years, our vision has led to us consciously adding new services that would improve ease of operations and provide end-to-end services for our customers. From import/export of cargo to transport and storage, we have solutions that can be customised to meet all requirements.

Over the years, we have delivered huge value to our customers in terms of speed, time and costs. Our existing customers, such as international forwarders and other global partners have enjoyed great relations with us and we will continue to support them in more ways with our integrated logistics services.

With such a strong legacy comes in corporate morality and knowledge. Through the course, we have nurtured experts and resources that work relentlessly to ensure customer satisfaction. Our people have kept pace with changing trends and strategies. More than service, our quest is to deliver a great experience to our customers. At this point, we are the only logistics player in India that not only provides one-stop solutions but also empowers customers.

These milestones are a result of the faith entrusted in us by our customers. Over time, we have grown to become partners in our customers’ logistics processes. From optimising inventory, tying up with shipping lines, creating new processes, improving supplier relationships to technical innovations, we are equipped to help our customers reduce logistics costs. Companies need leaner supply chains and we have demonstrated our ability to help customers with better utilisation of capital, assets, space and manpower. This evolution with time is our core value and we commit to continue to do that.

Looking ahead, we have seen the growing need for warehousing and we are investing in expanding our warehouses all over India. We have invested in tools that make complex warehouse operations more efficient. This will benefit our existing as well as prospective customers who can avail our services to achieve higher operational efficiencies.

Our new business vertical of industrial parks and logistics parks — the first logistics park in Jhajjar will be ready shortly — is further testimony to our readiness for the future. We recently launched our seventh container freight station in Kolkata; today we are the only national player with container freight stations at all major Indian ports. We have invested in automation and technology to ensure better visibility and transparency. Our customised solutions constantly create new opportunities for our customers to improve their bottom lines.

In simple terms, logistics is a service that helps optimise costs and time. It is best to let it rest in the hands of the experts. So, come and talk to us to experience Allcargo’s Power of One!

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End-to-end integrated logistics solutions provider
Delivers value in terms of speed, time, cost
Enables leaner, simpler, more effective supply chain
Latest technology tools offer transparency and convenience