Allcargo moves oversized GE generator across India

Expertise in extremesA new logistics benchmark was created in India when Allcargo transported 360 tonnes across 1,700km by girder bridge transport

When GE had to transport heavy equipment weighing 360 metric tonnes by road across four states, it was a huge challenge, one that would have stymied most Logistics Service Providers (LSPs). Allcargo stepped up to the plate and delivered. The expertise it has built up in transporting over dimensional cargo, and the superior technical capabilities of its Engineering Solutions Division helped Allcargo achieve a landmark in the logistics business. While most LSPs were planning to take it across the east coast and were only considering multi-modal movement, Allcargo not only found this inland route but also technically convinced the cargo owner on its commercial advantage along with lesser transit-time.

The task was an extraordinarily tough one. GE wanted to move two 660 MW generator stators that weighed 360 metric tonnes (the equivalent of about 200 SUVs or 60 elephants), from its plant in Sanand, Gujarat, to National Thermal Power Corporation’s plant in Tanda, Uttar Pradesh. Aside from the weight of the cargo, the distance was another huge challenge; the route covered many small villages and umpteen civil structures. The cargo had to cross four states — Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh — and traverse 1,700km by road.

To move the heavy load, Allcargo used girder bridge structure, where the weight is slung between two sets of long trailers effectively spreading the load on longer span. This system allows over-sized cargo to move on roads as there is greater flexibility in following the curves in the road. ”This is the first movement of this scale on India’s northern roads and one of the longest movement on girder bridge through Rajasthan and UP. No-one ever imagined crossing the river Yamuna with this heavy load on girder bridge in Indian logistics history. This is the true testimony to the superior engineering skills of Allcargo and the passion of the team to truly live ”ingenuity in motion”, says Rahul Rai.

Along with support vehicles, the convoy was 70m long. Several large cities lay on the route. To prevent inconvenience to the public, the convoy moved only at night. The entire distance of 1,700km was covered in a record fifty days.

GE Steam Power Systems (SPS) has commended Allcargo for this huge achievement. Mr Harjeet Sokhi from GE SPS says: ”Allcargo Logistics is a trusted partner in heavy projects cargo movement and engineering solutions. Their expert team of operations and engineers has ensured safe and speedy delivery of first generator stator (weighing 360 metric tonnes) for NTPC project at Tanda, Uttar Pradesh project. GE Steam Power Systems congratulates Allcargo Logistics for implementing such a mammoth project in this short transit-time.”

Allcargo has experience of most number of Girder-bridge movements in India and it owns maximum number of this specialised equipment. Currently, Allcargo team is moving the second generator stator from GE to NTPC Tanda site.

By executing GE’s challenging project and thus creating a new milestone in the Indian logistics industry, Allcargo has demonstrated the strength of its capabilities and expertise in the business.