Funtainer reaches Miami

Funtainer rocks the party in Miami Funtainer is on a world tour connecting and bonding with ECU Worldwide’s customers and has so far voyaged to Australia, Singapore and Mexico

Funtainer, which packs ECU Worldwide’s passion for customer service with a dash of fun, dropped anchor at Miami in the US. Captain Funtastic — the mascot and crusader of Funtainer — is on a world tour, connecting and bonding with ECU Worldwide’s customers to reiterate the company’s global connect and showcase its pioneering solutions in logistics.

Funtainer reached Miami on the evening of January 18, 2018. A glittering event was organised for ECU’s esteemed customers to mark the occasion.

Having set sail from Mumbai in September 2016, the Funtainer has so far voyaged to Australia, Singapore and Mexico. It has successfully engaged 1000+ customers across the globe that patronise ECU Worldwide.

At Miami, the ECU team succeeded in reassuring clients about the company’s commitment to bring geographies closer through system efficiency and superior expertise as enshrined in its philosophy of ‘Geography Simplified’. The ECU Worldwide team also capitalised on the opportunity to thank customers, partners, business associates and colleagues for their support.

The Funtainer aims to build and strengthen ECU’s relationships with its customers – the driving force behind the company’s growth and success. Strong customer loyalty has helped ECU become the global leader in LCL consolidation and the most trusted logistics partner in India.

Funtainer was launched in 2016 to address the need to bring the refreshed ECU Worldwide brand to life through an experiential event-based programme. A 20ft container was re-modeled into a ‘cool’ space with elements of fun and entertainment. After the success of the US leg of its tour, Funtainer has sailed for another destination in Africa.

The cool container

  • A 20ft container was transformed at ECU’s Container Freight Station near Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust near Mumbai into a ‘cool’ space with elements of fun and entertainment
  • Funtainer boasts of party lights, provision for a DJ console and a bar-counter.
  • The Funtainer is built to function on 220/110 volts capability, complying with international standards.
  • When the Funtainer reaches a port, the local ECU team organises a party for customers, partners and employees.
  • Captain Funtastic, the mascot of Funtainer, lives by the motto “If we can ship fun, we can ship anything.”

Quick Bytes

Funtainer reached Miami and impresses ECU Worldwide's clients in the US.
It had earlier sailed to Australia, Singapore and Mexico.
The Funtainer symbolises ECU's presence in 160+ countries.
The Funtainer is on a voyage around the world to celebrate ECU's renewed commitment to its clients as ECU Worldwide.
With Funtainer, ECU Worldwide aims to get its customers, partners and employees to interact with the brand and understand it better.