Size is no constraint at Allcargo CFS

Size is no constraint at Allcargo CFS Allcargo’s specialised capabilities ensure its customers receive their over dimension cargo safely, in time and in perfect condition

With the government’s focus on Make in India, industrial expansion would require imports of specialised equipment and machinery, which are generally over dimension cargo (ODC).

Only a few companies in the country have the expertise required to handle such large and complex consignments. Allcargo Logistics, India’s largest integrated logistics solutions provider in the private sector, has been a market leader in handling ODC since 2003. Allcargo handles consignment right from load port till the cargo reaches the Container Freight Stations (CFS), where it is safely unloaded, kept and monitored, for custom checks and final release to the customer.

With India’s widest network of CFS-ICDs, Allcargo’s facilities boast of specialised equipment, resources and significant expertise required to handle ODCs.

“We have a substantial market share of the ODC business. Our customers trust Allcargo not only because of our capabilities but they also know that their Critical cargo is safe in our custody,” says Sadanand Salian, head, Nhava Sheva CFS, Allcargo Logistics.

The right algorithm

Handling ODC is a choreographed effort, and coordination is crucial. Once Allcargo’s ODC handling team receives information about the consignment, it chalks out a plan on how to handle it. Some aspects that are taken into consideration are cargo sensitivities, technical route survey, studying the load carrying capacity of roads and bridges enroute, permissions from authorities, hazard identification and risk assessment and contingency plans.

Allcargo deploys handling equipment as required, and it is not rare to see tandem lifts by two cranes, for ODCs with one-sided-loads or with high centre of gravity.

Working with ODC involves a set protocol and special measures. The first is the use of specialised equipment. The equipment used is regularly inspected, not just by Allcargo itself but even certified by external audit agencies.

The team needs to ensure that ODC is stacked and stored properly during the loading or unloading process. The cranes also need to be positioned correctly while unloading containers. Allcargo has experts who inspect the consignment before transportation. The crew checks that the cargo has been lashed and secured properly to the container with hooks and chains, to prevent the cargo from shifting and getting damaged.

Specially designed trailers are also used to transport cargo. Unloading and loading ODCs becomes safer with low bed trailers with a much lower centre of gravity. They ensure that the container is balanced during transport, which reduces the risk of damage. Mr Salian explains that ODC is usually handled and transported during the day. There are two reasons for this: sunlight ensures better visibility and resources are easily available. An escort is deployed in case of critical cargo.

Safety first

Safety is a crucial aspect of working with ODC and special measures are required to ensure smooth movement. All employees, right from the security guards to the head of the facility, are trained and sensitised on how to work within the CFS. Mr Adak, general manager — Operations, Allcargo Logistics points out, “Planning, coordination and an SOP is extremely important while handling ODC. What equipment is needed, how it is checked and tested before being put to use — these are critical to safely handle cargo in a seamless manner. This comes with experience.”

Allcargo also has a range of certifications and competencies to its credit. These include OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001:2015 and Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) accreditation. Moreover, its facilities are a 100 percent pilferage-proof, and are compliant with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code and Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

A market leader in handling ODC

Working with ODC is a highly specialised and technical job that requires out-of-the-box solutions. Mr Adak explains, “Each consignment is unique and we have customers across different sectors. So, we have to provide customised solutions for every consignment and customer. One solution doesn’t fit all.”

Such attention to detail is what has made Allcargo the preferred choice for renowned companies across sectors. “Safe deliveries are important to our customers. With Allcargo, the customer is assured that the consignment will be delivered in time, in perfect condition and safely. This is what makes Allcargo Logistics, India’s largest integrated logistics solutions provider in the private sector,” says Prakash Tulsiani, executive director and COO, Allcargo Logistics.

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Allcargo is a market leader in handling over dimension cargo (ODC).
Allcargo is one of the few companies in India with specialized expertise to handle ODCs.
Large network of CFS located near India's major ports has specialised equipment, resources and expertise to handle ODCs.
Allcargo ensures the consignments are delivered safely, in time and in perfect condition.