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Handled with CareWorld class — technology and years of expertise have helped Avvashya CCI deliver global service standards in the specialised field of chemical warehousing

There are inherent risks that are a part of handling large stocks of chemicals such as fire, burns and toxic fumes. This is why warehouse and inventory management is always a huge challenge for the chemicals industry – it requires special care and high-end safety precautions.

Chemical warehousing is such a specialised business that few enterprises are willing to take it on. It is capital and labour intensive. It requires strict adherence to safety, fire and environment norms, and also professional manpower trained to handle chemicals and materials that may be classified as hazardous. This is where Avvashya CCI (ACCI) has carved out a position for itself as one of India’s best logistics service providers for the chemicals industry.

To cater to the niche requirements of the chemicals industry, ACCI has set up a specialised warehousing facility at the world class — multi-user ACCI Logistics Park at Panvel. The logistics park is predominantly used by Fortune 500 chemical companies present in India. Says Viswanathan Raju, Vice President, Contract Logistics – Chemical, Pharma and Food, Avvashya CCI. “The Panvel Logistics Park offers the highest health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) standards.”

Specialised warehousing solutions, such as for the chemicals industry, constitute around 25 to 27 percent of the logistics industry, and the segment is growing quite rapidly. What separates ACCI from the competition is the robust adherence to statutory norms and implementation of minute details of safety and environment protection processes. This expertise has gone a long way in cementing the numero uno position of the Allcargo warehouse.

Safety first

Chemical warehousing requires much more than proper infrastructure. The Panvel Logistics Park offers the entire value chain of services including:

  • Trained professionals manning operations that require handling of chemicals
  • Availability of proper personnel protection equipment
  • Underground water tanks and fire hydrants
  • Water and foam sprinklers
  • Automatic alarms, beam and smoke detectors
  • Strict security protocols for vehicles and personnel
  • Regular safety training for all staff

The ACCI Logistics Park also boasts of world-class 3PL warehousing infrastructure that meets the just-in-time inventory requirements of auto manufacturers, and seasonal demands and fluctuations of e-commerce players. In the backdrop of the success of the Panvel Logistics Park, ACCI plans to replicate similar facilities at many more locations in the country.

The leader’s edge

ACCI today has emerged as India’s specialist in handling end-to-end supply chain requirements for industry, with clear expertise in the chemicals sector. It was formed in 2016 by merging three strong entities:

  • CCI Logistics (India’s leading chemicals warehousing company), in which Allcargo Logistics holds a majority stake.
  • Allcargo Logistics (the contract logistics arm of Allcargo).
  • Hindustan Cargo Ltd, (the freight forwarding and customs clearance wing of Allcargo Logistics)

What ACCI does for one of the world’s biggest chemical companies

ACCI manages a 5,700 pallet position facility at its Logistics Park at Panvel for a leading global chemicals manufacturer. Earlier, the customer had faced several challenges such as space constraints and hurdles in increasing storage capacities, managing mixed batches, high primary and secondary transportation costs, difficulty in arranging vehicles for last-mile deliveries, and difficulties in managing inbound and outbound logistics due to space constraints.

This is when ACCI stepped in with its expertise.

  • Through innovation in stores management and order processing, ACCI was able to reduce lead time in delivery of goods to dealers.
  • Loss due to damages came down drastically.
  • The increased efficiency in throughput helped the client increase sales.
  • ACCI increased capacity from 2,000 pallet positions to 5,700 in the last 3 years.
  • Stock accuracy is at 100 percent levels for last 3 years.
  • As much as 98 percent of material is imported and stored at the ACCI warehouse, thus optimising transportation.
  • ACCI maintains highest safety standards possible, along with proper segregation of hazardous and non-hazardous material.

For the chemicals company, ACCI currently manages 4,000+ tonnes of chemicals, 300+ SKUs and over 550,000 movements to 70+ locations all over India.

These are a few reasons why ACCI has won the ‘Best Warehouse Service Provider’ Award from the customer for the third consecutive year, having been measured on metrics related to safety, sustainability, social responsibility and services.

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ACCI provides global standards in warehouse management
World class 93078 sq m logistics park in Panvel, close to the Navi Mumbai port area
Warehouses located in 20 locations across India
Strong expertise in the chemicals sector