E-commerce solutions by ACCI

Champions of complexity Through meticulous planning, state-of-the-art design, cutting-edge technology and highly trained manpower, Avvashya CCI has successfully become the warehousing partner of choice for India’s top retail and e-commerce companies

Managing logistics for the retail and e-commerce industry is akin to a complex ballgame with a million balls moving all over the country at different speeds. Myriad brands of varied nature, countless stock-keeping units (SKUs), vast web of vendors spread across the country, and delivery schedules that are measured in hours rather than days. This labyrinth is further complicated by requirements such as accurate management of style, size and shape of items, enhancing scalability and flexibility, clearing of the old stock first, error free picks, easy and quick access to stock and so on.

Avvashya CCI (ACCI) is one player that has ingeniously mastered the complex dynamics of the logistics sector and has built a network of warehouses across 20 locations in India, measuring 2.6 million sq ft. Vivek Bajpai, head, e-commerce, retail and fashion logistics of ACCI explains, “The retail business is highly seasonal and this makes demand planning a challenging task. At ACCI, we handle the complete warehouse management aspect. We have the necessary equipment, trained manpower and the expertise. The client simply has to tell us how many orders they need to handle and ACCI will design, develop, invest and deploy the necessary infrastructure and resources required to manage the warehouse, including technology.”

What’s the secret formula?

ACCI has the capacity to handle an inventory of more than a million units per month per warehouse. Its Warehouse Management System (WMS) can handle the entire process flow, from receiving an order for dispatch of shipment, packaging, invoicing, coordination with couriers, and even reverse logistics (when items come back due to non-delivery). All the activities are automated and system-driven.

ACCI also provides the software support to ensure seamless integration between vendors and retailers. The company is adept at conducting both inbound as well as outbound quality checks for the material. Reverse logistics aspects such as return-to-inventory (RTI), return-to-vendor (RTV), and return-to-origin (RTO) can be handled by ACCI. Apart from its technological edge, ACCI also offers the advantage of highly trained manpower. The staff gets regular training, and have the latest stock management equipment such as conveyors and sorters to handle the heavy loads of volume turnaround.

ACCI’s automated warehouse management system

The company’s fulfilment solutions come with the edge of speed, accuracy and scalability that give it the capacity to handle high volumes, effortlessly. It handles the fulfilment solutions for top e-commerce and physical retail companies in fashion, footwear, accessories and white goods sectors. With its expertise comes the knowledge of nitty-gritty, like the need to ramp up operations during peak seasons such as Diwali and Christmas as well as accounting for deviations during day-to-day operations to ensure that timelines are met.

With retail and e-commerce sectors projected to continue their stupendous growth trajectory in the coming years, ACCI is more than equipped to handle the growing demand for efficient and cost effective warehouse management.

Leaving its mark in the e-commerce warehousing space

  1. Achieved 99.99% accuracy of inventory in a third party audit.
  2. Rated #1 among 37 third party logistics providers by a client based on a third party audit.
  3. Commissioned a fulfilment centre within 25 days of receiving the mandate from the client.
  4. Completed fulfilment of 1,500 orders in a day where 1 order was equal to one white good SKU.
  5. Handles a customs bonded warehouse for a retail player.
  6. Rated as the best service provider from among a group of warehouse management centres by the client.
  7. Created 100% regulatory and legally compliant facilities.
  8. Consistently achieved inbound and outbound turnaround times of 6 hours and 3 hours respectively over a period of 1 year.

Quick Bytes

Capacity to handle an inventory of more than a million units per month.
20 warehouses across India.
Cost-efficient semi-automated warehousing.
Use of WMS application, Put-to-Light and Pick-to-Light operating models.
Advanced stock management systems, conveyors, sorters.
Shared-user fine distribution network.
Flexible and scalable warehouses.