The Funtainer Kickoff

We’ve changed. We’re bigger and better. We’re now ECU Worldwide, like we told you in the first issue of Compass. As ECU Worldwide, our objective is to redefine and re-energise the global transport and logistics industry and reassure clients that geographical distances and constraints will not come in their way of business growth.

As the transformation happened, we felt the need to bring our refreshed brand—ECU Worldwide—to life through an experiential event-based programme called ‘Funtainer’. With this activation we aim to get our customers, partners and employees to interact with the brand and understand it better. It is an idea and a concept, signifying that ours is a network business and that as ECU Worldwide we are better equipped to serve our customers worldwide. Funtainer will travel around the world to celebrate our renewed commitment to our clients as ECU Worldwide. Our customers have been the driving force behind our growth and success. It is because of their continued faith in us that we are today the global leader in LCL consolidation and the most trusted logistics partner in India. With Funtainer we wish to celebrate this unshakable bond and association.

Funtainer also symbolises ECU’s presence in 160+ countries and our positioning as ‘One world. One office’ which will help simplify geographies for our clients. As we reiterate our commitment to our clients, we hope to enjoy their patronage for a long time to come.

Funtainer unveiled in Mumbai

The first Funtainer event kicked off in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, in early September at the famed Mehboob Studios. The highlight of the launch was the presence of more than 400 of our customers (Allcargo and ECU) who eagerly participated in the lively event.

While unveiling the Funtainer, Dr Shashi Kiran Shetty, Chairman, Allcargo Logistics & ECU Worldwide said, “I am sure you all know, we recently re-branded our international subsidiary ECU-LINE to ECU Worldwide. The intent was to merge all our brands into one and to fully align the organisation to its current strategy of being a multimodal logistics company after having started as a port-to-port operator. As we celebrate our milestones through the 27 years of our existence, the coming together of Allcargo & ECU-Line, and the rebranding to ECU World, I am thrilled to see a houseful of our customers, business partners and friends gathered in this unique setting that we call Funtainer. I believe that the fun element of this activation programme will energise our partners, vendors and people to better serve our esteemed customers through customised and end-to-end services backed by technology and efficient processes, for a long time to come.”

The evening opened with thrilling aerial acts making way for vibrant, onstage performances. The Funtainer was then thrown open for people while Captain Funtastic, the Funtainer mascot, kept the audience enthralled. Guests were treated to an elaborate and scrumptious fare for dinner along with drinks and a live band performance. We also pledged to plant trees in the name of every guest as a return gift.

Funtainer — coming to your city soon

The idea of Funtainer was conceptualised to connect with you in an informal, fun setting to reiterate that Allcargo and ECU are always there for all your logistics and transportation needs. Funtainer’s journey has begun. It will sail across oceans and visit different countries. It will touch cities in the US, Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America to reaffirm our commitment to our customers through our 300+ offices in 160+ countries that we have established over the years. Funtainer is a symbol of our commitment.

After Mumbai, Funtainer will travel to another destination which could either be in Asia, Africa, Europe or US. With every destination let these memories multiply just as our bond with you has strengthened over the decades.

Let’s make the most of this journey by celebrating our association and becoming a part of the Funtainer’s global journey. Watch out and make sure you attend the party in your city!