Brand makeover

ECU-Line to ECU Worldwide A rebranding initiative that aims to redefine, reenergise and reassure.

Challenging the status quo: It’s all in the DNA

For close to three decades, ECU-Line has set new benchmarks in introducing landmark innovations in the LCL (Less than Container Load) services segment. Over the years, the company expanded considerably, taking on the mantle as a world-leader in LCL logistics.

Respected and admired by clients and competitors alike, the company is lauded for its approach that empowers clients with market-leading solutions and redefines industry practices with new benchmarks.

It is however, in the DNA of the company, to challenge the status quo. Despite reaching an envious position in the industry, ECU-Line felt the need to revamp its business approach to serve clients better. In particular, the company sought to bring all its geography-specific brands such as Econocaribe in the US, ECU-Line China, and SHE MARITIME in the UK, under the single global brand of ECU Worldwide.

By rechristening ECU-Line to ECU Worldwide, the company aims to redefine and reenergise the global transport & logistics industry and reassure clients that geographical distances and constraints will not come in their way of business growth. This rebranding initiative underscores the company’s renewed commitment to put the client at the core of its business.

Geography Simplified

ECU Worldwide promises to simplify the complexities for its clients operating across multiple geographical borders. The name change signifies the company’s tightly knit comprehensive network of offices that will heighten the seamless and standardised transportation experience the company already provides. With over 300 offices in more than 160 countries, presence across 2400+ LCL trade lanes in 530 destinations, ECU Worldwide stands differentiated to solve every conceivable geographical challenge in transportation. A strong understanding of local markets combined with global expertise and best practices will ensure that customers experience fast-paced, reliable, friendly, effective, and effortless service, wherever they are. Geography will certainly not be a constraint to their business growth.

The identity change to ECU Worldwide is to address the ever-changing business demands that our customers face. The name change signifies our tightly knit comprehensive network of offices and the uniform customer experience that we wish to provide. The idea is to redefine and reenergise industry solutions and reassure our customers. Our commitment to help customers ship their cargo seamlessly coupled with the smart integration of technology will make sure that challenges associated with multi-geography operations are simplified for our customers.

– Dr Shashi Kiran Shetty, Chairman, Allcargo Logistics & ECU Worldwide.